The applications are due in by 4 p.m. on Friday, September 22, 2017.

Grant Writing Workshop 2017

The applications must be returned to Dr. Judith Saxton, MPISD Administration. They must be hand delivered or you must make arrangements for them to be picked up on your campus by a Foundation Representative. They cannot be sent through intercampus mail nor be emailed.

The maximum grant award is $2,000. Any request over that amount will be automatically rejected.

Grant applications will be accepted from a single individual or a group (i.e. a team or grade level). If a group applies for one grant, one person must be named as the primary grant writer. That person will be the contact person for the grant and will be the one who receives the funds. The maximum grant amount remains at $2,000 whether the applicant is a single individual or a group.

Bonus points are awarded to grants involving multiple schools and/or community partners.

The Foundation may be unable to award the total amount requested. Note on the application if additional funds may be available and from what source(s), and if partial funding would be possible. If the committee cannot fully fund your grant, they may be able to partially fund it. If you do not explain how this can be done, then partial funding will not be an option.

Rank the items requested in order of importance on Question 7 and specify what are crucial elements to your grant. This information will help the programs committee If the grant can only be partially funded by the Foundation.

Any technology request must be approved to make sure it meets the district’s policies (i.e.: warranties needed). If your principal does not contact the technology director to confirm feasibility and warranties required by the District, the grant cannot be awarded. Each principal must sign off attesting that they have contacted the District Technology Director and that they have been given approval that your grant application follows the District’s policies. For example: If you request money for an I-Pad, you must also request the money for the warranty that goes with the I-Pad, because all I-Pads purchased by the District must have a certain warranty. If you do not request the funds for the warranty than the grant application will be rejected.

Items funded by a Foundation grant must be purchased from approved vendors. If you are not sure a vendor is approved, check with the individual on your campus who enters requisition.

Any grant money left over after you have purchased the items that you were granted will go back to the Foundation. You cannot use this money to purchase additional items not granted.

All questions about the grant application are to be directed to Dr. Judith Saxton at 903-575-2000.

Grant Applications should be hand delivered to Judi Saxton at the MPISD Foundation office at the administration building no later than Friday, September 22, 2017 for grants to be awarded this semester

February 2018 MPISD Grant Application